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Safety and things you need to bring.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. The road conditions and temperature changes between the Indian plains and the Hill Stations and the high altitude driving in the Himalayas can all lead to problems if ill equipped.

So we will make it easy as possible for you.

Our local team fits all our bikes with everything that you could possibly need for this adventure of a lifetime and are maintained to the highest standards.

We carry all the relevant spares and equipment that you will need in our support vehicles, and our camping setup is done to maximise your comfort and safety from the weather conditions.


What we supply as part of your package.

  • 500cc Royal Enfield
    Spare parts for the bikes
    Tour guide
    First Aid Equipment
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Drinking water
    Internal Flights

Himalayan Tours

  • Tents
    Oxygen in the unlikely event of serious altitude sickness (see FAQ)


Bhutan Tours

  • Internal flights in India and Bhutan


In fact we only expect you to bring.

  • Good crash helmet (BS Kite Mark)
    High Factor sun cream 30+ minimum
    Lip balm
    Waterproof bike boots shin and ankle protection
    Protective trousers
    Protective jackets
    Protective gloves
    Windproof and waterproof trousers and jacket
    Scarf or bandana to keep dust out of you nose and mouth
    Warm Fleece

Himalayan Tours Only

  • – 10’c sleeping bag
    Lots of thin layers
    Warm hat
    6 passport size photos


In the Himalayas the weather can change at any time. During daylight hours the temp can be as high as 30’c. But at night can dip down -5’c although it will most lightly be around 0’c. It is important to bring layers rather than one big warm fleece.