Mongolia Motorcycle Tours 2 – Wild Western Mongolia 2

TOUR DATES: 14th SEPT - 28th SEPT 2015 | 23rd MAY - 06th JUNE 2016 | 26th SEPT - 10th OCT 2016

Extreme Bike Tours: Western Mongolia on a Royal Enfield


Mongolia Motorcycle Tours – Western Mongolia 2

BayanUlgii is Mongolia’s westernmost province. Nestled in the Altai mountains, an area steeped in historical significance as the ancient cultural crossroads between east and west, the Mongolia Motorcycle Tour starts  in the city of Ulgii. A city that is as likely to have eagles perched on the roof tops as cities back home have pigeons and starlings, Ulgii is the home to Mongolia’s Kazakh population. We’ll spend some time to learn a little about the Kazakhs of Mongolia famed for holding on to the century old tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles.

Riding east we’ll leave the beaten track in our dust as we descend the Altai mountain range into the Great Lakes Depression. Where once the pre Silk Road nomadic Sycthian tribes called home, the  Mongolian ‘wild west’  is one of the worlds last true remaining frontiers.  Today, it is a patchwork of cultures; a vast remote and rugged region of nomadic herders, tiny outposts and prospectors searching for gold. We will make our way to Zavkhan, a central Mongolian province surrounded by the Gobi Desert to the south, the Khangai mountain range to the east and the Great Lakes to the west.

The province offers unique and spectacular scenery; the likes of which not anywhere else.

Mongolia Motorbike Tours – Western Mongolia 2 Highlights

  • Meet the Kazakh Eagle Hunters
  • Ride through the Altai Mountains
  • Only 10 bikes per tour for an extremely personalized and hassle free riding   experience on the Mongolia Motorcycle Tours.
  • Unbeatable scenery, some of the best on the planet.
  • Camping in Yurts, known as Ger camps
  • Good mix of on and off road and everything in-between
  • Chance to visit places very few foreigners have been to
  • You don’t pay for anything once you arrive (except items personal in nature, alcohol.) Your fuel, meals, accommodation, transfers are all included in the cost of the Mongolia Motorcycle Tours.

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Approx. 6 – 8 hours riding per day


Please note, Extreme Bike Tours reserve the right to adjust the itinerary at any time in the interests of safety or to improve the experience. Please note also that any travel in Mongolia can be a real adventure. Whilst we wish to make your experience as comfortable as possible this itinerary includes many nights camping and long hours on rough tracks on the bikes.

Adventure is an important part of the experience, so expect your boots to get a little muddy!

Day 1:

Welcome to Ulaanbaatar. Meet the team in the afternoon over a meal and drinks.

Day 2:

Kazakh minority living in the beautiful area of lakes and mountains and famous with eagle hunting, wolf taiming and many more.

We will be camping at the river Hovd and get familiar with motorbikes.

Day 3: 

We will be heading towards Mountain pass Hashaat and camp on the top valley. On the way we will stop at lake Tolbo for lunch break and photography.

Day 4:

Riding south we continue into the Great Lakes Depression – a globally important wetland area for migratory birds and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.
We’re aiming for Khovd. The remains of an ancient fortification can barely be seen poking out of the ground in this small city nestled in a fertile green plain. We’ll camp up just outside.

Day 5:

Continuing into Uvs we’ll pass into the World’s most northerly desert. Our skills will be tested on the bikes and in our support cars as we progress over scrub, dirt track and sand! We’ll camp near by Olgii Nuur, a lake known for good fishing if anyone fancies brining a fishing rod.

Day 6: 

The main feature of today’s ride will be the vast Khyargas Nuur salt lake which will be on our right hand side for the majority of a 100km ride. It’s like being beside the ocean with the smell of salt and the constant shrill squawks of cormorants. A few sandy beaches might provide a welcome treat if anyone fancies a quick dip.This is the emptiest section of our expedition. You may never have felt so remote as we pass from Zavkhan to Uvs – it is quite possible on this leg of our journey that we may see no other traffic at all for over 100km.

Camp at the lake Hyargas

Day 7:

Our day starts with great breakfast and ride to the east. Passing through settlements we will have opportunity to visit local nomadic families. Camping near Songino village.

Day 8:

We continue towards village Numrug. Area with combination of rocky mountains and steppe. Camping at Numrug village.

Day 9:

Riding to south east will take us to Lake Telmen. Great place for overnight after passing tough terrain.

Day 10:

We will pass by Telmen village to gather provision and after heading towards river ider. camp up just outside.

Day 11: 

Great day for riding through river valley we will aim towards Zagastain Pass. We will camp at the bottom of the pass.

Day 12: 

Our last stop at Uliastai/Donoi valley of Zavkhan province where we will stop for museum and site seeing. Last dinner in the wilderness.

Day 13: 

We’ll fly back to Ulaanbaatar from Uliastai and take you to your hotel. Clean yourselves up and get ready for a slap up meal and drinks to celebrate!

Day 14:

Back in Ulaanbaatar you’ll have a chance to explore the capital and get any remaining souvenirs of your trip to Mongolia.

Day 15:

Flight home or onward travel.


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