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Our fleet of Royal Enfield’s are all 500cc Bullets and the newly launched Classic Desert Storms. We have updated some of the features on the bikes to make them more suitable for the distances and terrain that we travel on the tours.

The famous Royal Enfield Company originally manufactured the Bullet with the logo ‘made like a gun, goes like a Bullet’. The motorbikes have been used in both world wars and were also shipped out to the USA where they became known as Indian Motorcycles.

Royal Enfield did not just manufacture motorcycles; indeed the English engineering company portrayed a strong lineage of necessity beyond boundaries of ordinary realms. Driven by sheer necessity and manufactured with the state-of-the-art engineering capabilities, Enfield was initially associated with military requirements. In its earlier days, the company built lawnmowers, bicycles and even rifle parts for many arms factories.

Since the 1950’s the motorbikes have been made in Chennai, India and the Bullet has kept the same design as it had when it was built in the UK.


Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Motorbike


The Bullet 500 is on offer on the Mighty Himalayan tours.

For a full list of specifications and information, visit the Royal Enfield Website by clicking here. In addition, our expert mechanics (we are not kidding, we do have the best mechanic team amongst all the Indian Motorbike tour operators.  Don’t believe us? Check out the client testimonials on the video page) have modified the bike to better suit the Himalayan high altitude conditions and for more riding comfort.

  • Upgraded suspension.
  • Seats more comfortable than standard.
  • Custom handle bars fitted to make riding position better.
  • Front disk brakes to all bikes.
  • Imported from the UK gear cogs for smoother gear changing.
  • Imported from the UK clutches to make gear shifts smoother and to prevent over heating.
  • Carbs; rebuilt using UK specs and parts for use in altitude, like bigger jets for torque at high altitudes.
  • Customised 22 petrol tanks.
  • UK steel bearings in the engine.
  • Fleet rebuilt from scratch after every 4 tours.
  • Upgraded chain sprockets for high altitude mountain roads.

Royal Enfied Classic Desert Storm 500

Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm 500


The Classic Desert Storm 500 is the bike you will ride on our Tibet, Rajasthan and South India tours.

For a full list of specifications and information, visit the Royal Enfield Website by clicking here. We have undertaken the following modifications:

  • Better seats
  • New silencer for more power
  • Customised riding position
  • Added sump gaurds for extra protection


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