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You know how it is, you’re going about your daily business and suddenly you get a phone call from not only one of the world’s largest broadcasting corporations, but one of TV’s most popular shows…and one of my favourite programmes, no less!

I nearly had to pinch myself but that’s exactly what happened to me in June 2011. I received a call from one of Top Gear’s producers who was looking for a ‘fixer’ for the Christmas Special – an institution in the Christmas TV calendar. After a few conversations, he asked if I would take on the role and of course I jumped at the opportunity!

They had searched for someone with excellent local knowledge to help them identify suppliers and resources, as well as help plan the route…basically someone who could do the behind the scenes work which would be instrumental to the show’s filming. It was a daunting task but I was extremely flattered they thought I could help and knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss!!

What followed was one of the most intense and exciting months of my life. I got to mix with the stars of the show, witness the show being pulled together, and …a truly exceptional experience. I drove over 3000kms in 11 days and survived on only a few hours sleep a night to make sure filming went as smoothly as possible.

It was hard work but well worth it… I got to contribute to a show which will be enjoyed by millions over Christmas and show the cast and crew my beloved, adopted country.

Read our blog to get our reaction to the show and an insight in to what it’s really like working with Top Gear. Our Facebook page also has some great behind the scenes photos from filming – we hope you enjoy them!