There was a really interesting article on The Independent’s website last week about motorbikes and the stereotypes we have of the people who ride them. This was a UK-based article but it really resonated with me – read it here.

As the journalist says, stereotypes encourage you to forget that there is a person on the bike….especially if a motorbike is being driven badly!

In India, motorbikes are a very popular mode of transport. They are cheaper and quicker than cars and allow you to weave in and out of traffic….even though most traffic on an Indian road weaves!

The article goes on to say you need a healthy fear of accidents to ride a bike so you can stay safe. I don’t think this really applies to the Indian rider who fearlessly dodges in and out of traffic, wherever there is room. To some, that would make them dangerous. However, in my opinion, they’re doing what they need to do to get to their destination.

There was a similar article about the appeal of bikes in the Montreal Gazette….ok, this time it was cycles, but same principle. A group of commuters has started cycling to work to avoid the gridlock of rush hour in Indonesia. Their heavily populated roads may be dangerous but at least these people can get from A to B.

It seems we’re hearing more and more about alternative forms of transport, including the bike. I may be biased, but isn’t it time you got involved?