How to choose the right motorcycle tour for you

motorcycle tours grades - easy, intermediate, extreme
Rider discretion advised: motorcycle tours may make you happy

We grade our motorcycle tours in 3 levels and today we are going to explain the difference between these one by one. As mentioned in the title we have the following grades:

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Extreme


Tours graded as Easy are basically for anyone with a motorcycle driving licence. As long as you are able to ride a bike, these tours are definitely within you capability. Our easiest ride is the Rajasthan motorcycle tour which is all about the destinations, riding on well paved roads with not too many sharp corners.

This is also one of the “luxury motorcycle tours” that we offer as we stay in heritage hotels and forts, once home to the Maharajas so the accommodation and comfort levels make this ride suitable for anyone even if you are no longer a spring chicken.

Our last ride in Rajasthan (November 2019)


Intermediate tours are also suitable for anyone with a driving license but with more experience than someone who has just passed their bike test. Our Hidden Sri Lanka tour for example used to be graded as easy, however as there are a couple of tracks where the roads are not in the best conditions and in some parts of the itinerary we ride through windy and steep mountain roads we have decided to upgrade it to Intermediate.

On the other hand this is also a luxury ride due to the accommodation of choice. We stay in a variety of luxury and hand-picked hotels which help to enjoy some comfort at the end of the day, especially after the few challenging riding days.


rough track during the Hidden Sri Lanka tour
Rough track during the Hidden Sri Lanka tour


staying in this beautiful luxury eco lodge in the heart of a tea plantation
… but then we end up staying in this beautiful luxury eco lodge in the heart of a tea plantation


In general, this type of motorcycle tour is ideal for anyone that would like to have an adventure that is not too hard but with a few challenges to improve your riding skills, while enjoying the trip in comfort. Also keep in mind that we always ride with a support crew so if you feel that a track is too hard our team will help you get through.


We always say that “Extreme” is because of the locations we ride in and not because we do crazy and dangerous stuff and this is why we name the last and most challenging grade like this. On the “Extreme” tours we often ride in different and difficult terrains.

Somewhere in the Spiti valley, high Himalaya
Somewhere in the Spiti valley, high Himalaya

In Mongolia for example most of the tour is off-road in the middle of nowhere. We do numerous river crossings and the accommodation varies from wild camping to Gher camps – typical nomad’s huts – and hunting lodges. The weather is generally good though at night it can get cold.

Plenty of river crossings in Mongolia… think you can make it?

The same goes for our Himalayan expedition, during this ride we stay in hotels and ride on some of the highest roads in the world such as the Khardung La pass at about 5,350m above the sea level.

The “Extreme” motorcycle tours are definitely not for the faint hearted, but truly unique and challenging adventures for the more skilled rider.

Are you ready to test your riding skills?

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