“I am 68 years, going on 69, and I have never done more than 3/4 days on paved roads. I am afraid that this trip will be too challenging for me. 

Apart from that, travelling from N.Z. would be a bit of a challenge involving several stop-overs/change of flights – also the cost of flights have gone up.”

This is the feedback that we received from a gentleman who was keen to join the upcoming Hidden Sri Lanka motorcycle tour but having made his considerations, he decided that this tour does not suit him.

The majority of our clients are 60+ and live in Australia, NZ, and the UK. The assumption is that if the length of the tour, the flight trip, the costs, etc. are good for the majority of our customers, then it’s good for everyone.

He just taught me that it’s not like that and naturally forced me to rethink: 

Are there any options that would allow him to ride in Sri Lanka, while feeling comfortable, confident, and safe? Are there options to be more budget-conscious?

The answer is yes, there are.

The Support Vehicle

A great advantage of joining a guided tour is the level of support that is provided. When we are on tour there is always a support vehicle and a crew that is focused to help you with everything. 

This means that if you are tired of riding or you feel that a certain road is too challenging, you can always do part of the trip in the vehicle and one of our team members will take the bike for you. 

Of course, it’s not the same as riding but you will still enjoy the country without pushing yourself to the limits or turning a once-in-a-lifetime experience into a stressful nightmare.

As an extra, there is always a cooler box in the support vehicle that can be filled with chilled beer. If you decide to take a day off from riding you might want to take advantage of it.

Shorter Tours

The Hidden Sri Lanka tour is 13 days long and it includes 10 days of riding, being on the road for an average of 4-6 hours per day. Although there is a break day in the middle, for some, this might be a bit too long. 

At the same time, if you are going through several hours of flights and stop-overs, you would want to spend at least 10-15 days in Sri Lanka. And not necessarily ride all the time.

The solution is to pick a shorter bike tour and spend the rest of the days doing something else. You can either relax on the beach for a few days or continue exploring in the comfort of a car and with the help of a guide.

Just before the pandemic outbreak, we introduced a couple of shorter tours:

Sneak Peak – 8 days / 7 Nights

Starting from the south coast and ending in the Cultural Triangle, taking in splendid tea plantations in the central hills, a stop at the famous Sir Lipton’s seat, and a ride through the Horton Plains National Park. [Click here for more details]

Boutique Sri Lanka – 9 days / 7 Nights

The riding is varied and most of the roads are fantastic having recently been laid and upgraded, sweeping corners are everywhere in the hills, providing perfect conditions for motorbiking. The hotels we have chosen are some of the best in the country and they really do showcase the ‘boutique’ nature of the island. [Click here for more details]

Bespoke Tours

If the pre-designed tours don’t suit you, we can organize tailor-made tours all year round.

Do you want to spend 10 days on the beach and 2 days riding? Keen to ride for 3-4 days and continue your trip by car? A single-day trip on the bike during 2 weeks of holiday?

It can all be done!

The advantage of being a small business is that we are not bound by big corporate rules and we are 100% committed to providing the ultimate experience to all of our customers. We are flexible and ready to help you with everything that is necessary to ensure that you enjoy your holiday hassle-free.

But don’t take our words for it. 

Here’s what Vincenzo said after being on an 8-day custom tour (4 days riding):

And Chris:

And Julian:

Keeping an eye on the budget

Our scheduled tours are all-inclusive. From the moment you arrive on the island until the end of the tour everything is covered. Airport transfers, accommodation, meals, snacks, bikes, fuel, etc.. 

Your only extra expenses would be your personal purchases such as souvenirs or alcoholic beverages (we do throw in a fair share of beers throughout the journey). And of course flight, visa and travel insurance. 

Yet, if you’d like to be more on a budget-conscious side, there are a few options.


On most of our pre-scheduled tours in Sri Lanka, we pick luxury and boutique hotels, and each rider enjoys her/his own room. If you are intending to travel with a friend or a group of friends, you can opt for twin share accommodation, which means that you will be sharing the room and lower the total cost for both.

On bespoke tours, you decide the accommodation standards. We will find the most comfortable and well-serviced options for the nights based on your daily budget.

Early Birds & Groups

Book 10 or more months in advance and you can enjoy a 10% discount on the total price. For example, if you decide to join the Hidden Sri Lanka tour, that means a saving of US $495. 

Groups of 5+ can enjoy a 15% discount on scheduled tours, each saving US $742.50. 

These savings might not cover the complete flight costs but they would certainly help towards it.

Spend more time off the bike

I know, you might not expect this suggestion to come from us, but we truly want you to have a great experience in Sri Lanka and if the costs can be a problem, we want to help you find a solution.

A guided motorbike tour has its price and there is only so much that we can do to reduce costs. (Support vehicle, fuel, crew, etc.) 

If you decide to do a shorter motorcycle tour and spend more time exploring the country off the bike or relaxing for a few days on the beach, it would certainly help to keep the required budget under control. Unless of course, you decide to go on a shopping spree in local jewellery shops.

There are a variety of things that you can do in Sri Lanka besides riding. Surfing, scuba diving, ayurvedic massages, hiking, or simply enjoying the sun with a chilled drink at our beach restaurant “The Shack Beach Cafe” or at our new boutique hotel “Halcyon Mawella”, both on the south coast of the island.

There’s really so much that you can enjoy.

One last thing…

The current economic situation in Sri Lanka is favorable as your currency is strong compared to the local Rupee. This means that if after or before the tour you decide to spend further time on the island, you would get more value out of your money.

At the same time, Sri Lanka’s tourism is important for the well-being of the local population. The past few years haven’t been easy and if you decide to visit the country, you also decide to contribute towards its growth and most of all its local economy.

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