What can we say. Every time we write an update, we would love to give you some good news. It was our hope to travel at least on the second half of the current year but we have to be realistic and this will not be possible.

Nevertheless, we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and working on rescheduling all the tours for 2022. Vaccination campaigns are moving forward with many countries such as UK, US, Italy being at an advanced stage.

The situation in Asia is still particular though…

Sri Lanka, our home country, is once again under lockdown after a few lean steps taken to re-open the country to tourism. Restrictions will be lifted on the 14th of June. Tourists will be allowed to visit the country yet quarantine and PCR tests are still necessary.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not the only challenge affecting the country, after a cargo ship carrying chemicals caught fire off its coast, spilling microplastics across the island’s beaches and killing marine life.

hermit crab walks amongst the plastic pellets
Hermit crab walks amongst plastic pellets

After taking one hit after the other, from the 2019 Easter attacks, 2020 Global pandemic, the tourism industry in Sri Lanka has been really struggling. See the following arrivals stats to get an idea of the impact:

Sri Lanka arrivals stats 2020/2021
Sri Lanka arrivals stats comparison 2020/2021

Myanmar is still under a cloud of uncertainties after the recent coup d’etat. There isn’t really much we can do except for stay alert and wish for the best.

Protests in Myanmar

Tibet has re-opened for tourism although our tours are not yet possible as our point of entry and exit is Nepal which has started to issue tourist visas once again though a 10 days quarantine is required.

Mongolia has suspended all international flights and rail passenger transportation until at least 31 December with some exceptions. Yet again, the conditions are not favorable for a motorcycle tour.

Gher camp in Mongolia

In India Coronavirus cases have risen sharply during a second wave and healthcare infrastructure is under huge pressure. Further restrictions may be implemented at short notice while international flights remain suspended.

If you have already booked a tour and wonder which dates we will be picking for 2022, just refer to the previous dates as we will re-schedule everything in proximity of the same, with a slight exception for Sri Lanka.

As we always remind clients and followers, we are based on the island and under normal circumstances we would be able to arrange a tour any time of the year.

Should Sri Lanka re-open definitely in the upcoming months, without any quarantine restrictions, we will be able to operate again and organize tours based on your date & standards preferences. Just get in touch!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.

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