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Extreme Bike Tours offers inspiring motorcycle tours through the heart of India. Experience a unique, personalised trip through towns, villages and beautiful countryside. Be absorbed in local nature, history and culture as well as iconic landscapes such as Everest and the Himalayas. Once in a lifetime just won't seem enough.

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Motorcycle Himalayan Tour Shot using GoPro

Millions of Motorcycle videos out there, right? So we thought, why not “CREATE a Motorcycle video that rides across breathtaking Himalayas but in an awesome fun way like you have never seen before.”

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Extreme Bike Tours and our India Motorcycle Tours featured on Channel 9 Australia

Check out more videos of our Motorcycle Tours of India and client testimonials on our video page.

I wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you, both personally and on behalf of the entire Top Gear team, for all of your help in making the second half of our Indian Special such a success.
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Motorcycle Tours Across India

If you long for adventure and excitement, the thought of touring India and the roof of the world on a motorcycle revs your senses into overdrive, then Extreme Bike Tours is your adrenalin ticket to the ride of your life.

We offer a range of thrilling and memorable India Motorcycle Tours to suit all riders. Ride along some of the world’s highest roads and mountain passes on our popular Mighty Himalayan Motorcycle Tours. Explore the cultural riches of south India on our South India Motorcycle Tours and live like kings while riding through the beautiful province of Rajasthan on our luxury Rajasthan Motorcycle Tours. And then there’s the rare chance to ride right up to base camp at the foot of the planet’s tallest peak, Mt Everest, on our Tibet Motorcycle Tours.

We offer a range of dates and accommodation options so grab the opportunity to enjoy some real adventure with us at Extreme Bike Tours – if you dare!

What makes us and our India motorcycle tours different from our competition is our attention to detail and level of personal attention. Our motorcycle tours of India boast, arguably, the best maintained fleet of Royal Enfield motorcycles in India. Our groups are also deliberately small, with around 10 bikes per tour, and some of our India Motorcycle Tours offer an incredibly high staff to client ratio of over 1:1! Your safety is our number one priority, followed by your enjoyment. And it shows. We’ve never had a major motorcycle accident yet!

You don’t have to be an expert rider to join us on our motorcycle tours of India. If you dream of new experiences…if you want to come face-to-face with some of Earth’s most awe-inspiring landscapes and cultures…and if you’re fueled up for an adventure of a lifetime, then join us soon. And when you do, we know you’ll want to come back and ride with us again and again like so many of our other customers seeking a life-enriching experience that’s definitely beyond the ordinary.