As we have started to schedule our motorcycle tours in Sri Lanka once again, we have also started to receive many questions, mainly about travel restrictions and the economic situation.

So I have put together the most frequently asked questions with the answers hoping that you might find them useful.

Needless to say, things can change quickly but the following is the latest info that we can provide.

These are the questions that I will be answering in this email:


Are there any risks in relation to the current economic situation in Sri Lanka?

Let’s begin by saying that we have just completed a few private tours and so far everything has gone very well.

Reassurances aside, Sri Lanka is having a bit of an economic nightmare having accumulated over 7bn US$ of debt and depleted its own reserves of foreign currency. One of the main causes has been the sudden stop in the flow of tourists arrivals due to the pandemic.

This is causing trouble with the importation of a variety of goods, including food items, medicinal supplies, diesel, etc. There are also regular power cuts island-wide in order to reduce fuel consumption.

The government however is getting support, mainly from China and India, and it is likely to get help from the IMF as well.

At the same time, tourism is relaunching and Sri Lanka has welcomed almost 200,000 tourists from the beginning of the year.

Nevertheless, we are taking every possible precaution to ensure our tours run smoothly.

While imported food items which are considered “luxury items” are low in stock, local produce has not been affected so food is available (no one is going to starve on our watch!).

The hotels that we pick have generators that ensure power supply while we spend our time there.

Entry requirements

What are the Covid-19 related entry requirements in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has eased entry requirements in the attempt of relaunching tourism. In general, there are no restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers. Just need to show the correct documents on arrival.

Non-vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter the country, however, they are required to go under PCR tests and 8 days / 7 nights of quarantine in an approved hotel/resort of choice. For more info please visit

All travelers are also required to get a “local covid-19 insurance” which covers eventual medical expenses up to US $75,000. The cost is US $12. For more info:


How do I apply for an entry Visa?

Entry Visas can be requested online through the official website:

International Driving Permit

What are the driving license requirements in Sri Lanka?

To ride in Sri Lanka you need a valid International Driving License and an endorsement from the Ceylon AA (the local Automobile Association). Not to worry though, we will obtain that for you upon booking confirmation.


Is it possible to join the tour in the Support Vehicle?

Yes. Partners, family members, or friends can also join and travel in the support vehicle at Pillion price.

Upcoming tours

When is the next tour in Sri Lanka?

The first Hidden Sri Lanka tour will take place from 23rd July to 4th August 2022 and there are still 4 slots available (out of 10).

The next scheduled tour is from 24th February to 8th March 2023. 7 slots available.

As always, if you book 10 months or more in advance, we will offer you a 10% discount.

Bespoke tours

Can I book on different dates?

Besides the scheduled Hidden Sri Lanka tour, as we are based here, we can organise tours all year round.

You can either choose one of our regular tours or request a completely customised tour.

There are no limitations in terms of days or group size. Just get in touch and let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll get back to you with a tailor-made solution.

Simple as that.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below.

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