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Wow! 2020, what a year! The world has really gone nuts, but luckily we made it to 2021 and as you may have noticed from the title, at EBT we like to be positive…

Jokes aside, we ARE positive. While the world fights the major battle against Corona – the virus and not the beer – we are keeping alive the dream of traveling and riding once again.

With the introduction of the vaccine we are confident that it’s just a matter of time before things will finally start to settle down and we are ready to pack our bags and turn our Enfields’ keys.

In fact, we have recently been on a couple of trips out here in Sri Lanka. We explored the highland where the weather is generally colder than in the South where we are based, and enjoyed every bit of it but we are looking forward to flying again too. 

There is still a lot of confusion of what’s going on in every side of the world, especially since the scenario changes rapidly but we managed to put together another quick update for each of the upcoming tours.

Sri Lanka sets in place new pilot program 

First the good news… or half-good news.

As of today, Sri Lanka reopened the borders for tourists by implementing special measures as part of a Tourism pilot project.

However this first step towards the return to normality does not not offer the best conditions for our motorcycle tours just yet, since there are several limitations concerning the choice of accommodation, routes and places of interest.

The next scheduled tour (Hidden Sri Lanka) was supposed to be in February and it will be rescheduled (Date TBD).

Beside this, all the newly added motorcycle tours in Sri Lanka are organized upon request and since we are based here, you can contact us any time to start organising your trip while waiting for a full relaunch of tourism in the island.

Myanmar´s government suspended all the flights and issuance of visas

All international flights to Myanmar airports are still suspended until at least 31st January 2021. The government of Myanmar also announced a temporary suspension of issuance of visas on arrival and e-visa to all visitors from all countries. 

The previously scheduled tour “The Road to Mandalay” has been postponed as well. Date TBD, possibly in the 2nd half of the Year around September/October.

Travels to Bhutan not yet possible

Bhutan is still applying very strict travel restrictions and since our tour was scheduled for April we are sadly forced to postpone the tour. The closest next window is the 2nd half of the year, around October and we will aim to travel by then. 

As of now we still have 4 places and you if you are interested, you may place your name on the list, if you wish to be updated when we confirm this tour. Simply write to simone@extremebiketours.com.

India, Mongolia, Tibet.

All tours in India, Mongolia and Tibet are scheduled from July onward. Currently traveling to these countries is not yet possible. There is still time and therefore we keep the existing schedule until further notice.

That’s it for today.

Be safe and hold fast!

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