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It has been a while since Extreme Bike Tours really hit the road. 

Riding on the Edge of the World has been on hold for many and you have seen what can happen to your freedom to travel. 

So let’s get moving and tick some of those boxes. 

NOW is the time to set yourself and your mates up for the trip that you have always dreamt of. 

What’s new!

First, we have a new improved website and lots of riding planned for 2023! We have tailored new tours in some must-see destinations. 

Steppe into the Gobi goes deep into Mongolia one of our favourite destinations wild nature and the back of beyond true adventure. 

Our budget-conscious ride through Rajasthan ‘On a Shoestring’ and the beating heart of India.

Unfortunately Tibet remains on hold. The borders are still closed and there are no certainties of when the chinese authorities will allow tourism there and especially entry via land.

To remediate, we have added a couple of new destinations that we will be announcing in the upcoming months.

Special Early Birds Promo & Calendar

Get 10% off on any tour if you book before the 31st of August 2022.

Here are the scheduled tours for 2023:

Hidden Sri Lanka

Rajasthan – The Land of Kings

Rajasthan – On a Shoestring

High Himalayas – Through the Clouds

Bhutan – The Land of the Dragon People

Mongolia – On the Trail of Chinggis Khan

Mongolia – Steppe into the Gobi

Securing your deposit

One last thing…

Booking assurance has become an issue over the last few years as we adapt to an ever-changing world. 

To provide you with the security you need we recommend including the option of CFAR (Cancel for any Reason) when getting your travel insurance. 

This is usually a small extra premium but well worth some of the extra bucks you saved from your 10% Early Bird discount. An extra layer of body armor so to speak.

For any questions, get in touch!

Ps. Let us know what you think of the new website. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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    1. Hi Dugal,

      The discounted price is NZD 6,280 (instead of NZD 6,977). This is based on the current exchange rate on xe.com.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.



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