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A few days ago we asked our clients and followers:

“What is the situation in your particular region/country? Have you been able to travel at all in the past 12 months?”

We have received a lot of replies and we know how time is valuable, so thank you all for dedicating a bit of yours for us!

It was nice to read that despite these hard times, for most of you things are going well.

Many of you have been riding in your own country, other have started personal projects to keep busy and others again have moved to a different city or changed country.

So, let’s get to the point.

You wrote to us from various places with a lot of information and today we are going to go through the most significant responses.

Australia & New Zealand

Australia has launched its vaccination campaign but the government will not allow international traveling until it’s complete. For many this will not happen until the end of the year.

Many are enjoying riding within the country although interstate traveling can be tricky as rules change suddenly and without any advance notice.

Nice ride Sue!

Nevertheless, Australia is a beautiful country with plenty to see, so if you are also living there, look at the bright side and take the chance to explore more your country.

Speaking of Australians, Peter, one of our long time clients and friend, has been asking us regarding a tour in the ‘Stans to explore the ancient Silk Roads. We were already on this before the Covid outbreak and we will continue working to make it for 2022/2023.

Traveling out of New Zealand is possible – as Clair and David mentioned – but the re-entry quarantine and high costs don’t make the idea of traveling abroad appealing (who could disagree?).

UK & Ireland

The UK is one of the world countries that have pushed for the vaccine and according to official sources, as of last week, 50% of the over 70 aged population has been covered. A very important milestone in the fight against Covid.

Ken, David and a few others from the UK replied saying that they are confident that things will start to get better soon. Perhaps in the third quarter of the year.

In fact, unless last minute changes from the 29th of March, it will be possible again to ride in groups with max 5 friends.

For others the situation is a bit different. Vincenzo for example is based in the UK and is able to travel for business to the Middle East but not without going under quarantines and PCR tests (we feel for you Vince…).

Steve has decided to put on hold traveling for a bit and instead started to work in renovation project after investing in a cottage. All the best!

Anyway, the UK government is following a precise road map. For more info check here.

Ireland is in a completely different situation and under a very strict lockdown as Murth and Graham pointed out. Both of them don’t think that anything will happen before the end of the year.

We certainly hope that this won’t be the case and keep our fingers crossed for you.

Canada & United States

A lot of replies from the American continent as well and the situation it’s pretty much the same as everywhere else.

It’s difficult to get out of the country and get back, yet again, such big countries offer a lot of riding opportunities.

Frank is suggesting visiting Florida. Restrictions are almost zero over there and this time of the year is perfect to ride.

Elliot pointed out that Mexico is open. Might be the perfect occasion for an adventure or simply relax on a Mexican beach while enjoying a chilled tequila sunrise.

George & Penelope have instead suggested to avoid New Orleans area due to the high level of restrictions currently in force.

Darcy have been riding in the Ontario province (Canada) and haven’t tried to do interstate traveling since it appears to be restricted.

Annette and her partner did a great coast-to-coast bike trip in Canada last year, covering 17.000km in 51 days. That really sounds like a great trip!

South Africa

We are glad to hear that in South Africa things are not going that bad (compared to other places).

Alan and a few others mentioned that the country is open also to international travelers and it’s possible to rent a BMW or a Harley (Royal Enfields are difficult to find).

Very important for Ladies living in South Africa: don’t miss Bikers Emporium!

Linlee and Beau Solms (mother and daughter) started this platform in mid January 2021 with the purpose of bringing interesting reads to the 1000’s of ladies in S.A. who ride motorbikes, who pillion and who are interested in biking. Head over to Facebook and give a big thumb up to their fan page.


The situation seem to be very similar pretty much everywhere but it does look like things are starting to improve.

Again, the most important thing coming out of this, is that most of those who replied are well and still able to enjoy riding, while waiting for this global chaos to calm down.

Any questions? Scroll down to leave a comment or get in touch.

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