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Updated 2023 Calendar and Price List

All the 2023 scheduled tours and dates. *Please note that prices may change due to unexpected scenarios. Rajasthan – On a Shoestring > Click here for more details < Hidden Sri Lanka > Click here for more details < High Himalayas – Through the Clouds > Click here for more details < Mongolia – Steppe […]

Riding through monsoons… and getting out alive

How to survive the infamous monsoon No need to panic. A monsoon is not as scary as the title make it sound. However, whether you are going to ride in Sri Lanka or at early planning stage, you definitely want to know about the weather on the island and especially about the monsoons. In fact, […]

Bhutan: A few important points to consider

As we regularly receive questions regarding the nature of our Bhutan motorcycle tour and what differs from the motorcycle adventures offered by other tour operators, we decided to put together this article to answer some of the frequently asked questions. “Why do we start in India?”, “why is this tour so expensive?” or “what kind […]