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Unveiling an Hidden & Underrated Gem: Sri Lanka

One of the biggest Stupas in the world, Anuradhapura.Unveiling an Hidden & Underrated Gem Sri Lanka

This tropical paradise, often overshadowed by its more well-known counterparts, offers an unforgettable and unique experience for those seeking the thrill of a motorcycle tour and enjoying a great holiday.

Meet Rosaria: leading Women Riders around the world

Rosaria Fiorentino leading the DGR in Rome

In November 2023, Rosaria will be leading the first Women Motorcycle tour in Sri Lanka. This is not the first experience in Sri Lanka for her but it will be for the two groups of women that will join her in this adventure…

Riding with the Pack

riding with the pack - guided motorcycle tours

We are often asked about the experience of riding in a tour with a group. Indeed many people don’t consider it such an adventure when everything has been laid out…

Accommodation on tour

Ger camp in Mongolia

From Ger camps in Mongolia to Sri Lankan luxurious eco lodges hidden in tea plantations. Every destination has something to offer making the experience unique.

Georgia on my mind

Georgia Motorcycle tour - Zagari pass

Having toured through Asia for many years Extreme is widening its horizons. Where the Silk Road of the East met the trading empires of the west, lies a country deep in history and the influences from these ancient routes can be seen all around.

Sri Lanka and Safe Travels [2023]

Is Sri Lanka safe for traveling?

For Extreme Bike Tours we live and work here and have missed showing riders around this amazingly diverse and beautiful gem in the Indian Ocean.

2023 New Destinations Revealed

Mountain scenery Nepal

Here at Extreme Bike Tours we like to keep you on your toes. New destinations are an essential part of the business and it keeps us interested and you guessing.

The Himalayas – Riding among the Giants

Himalayas: our iconic photograph

Riding the Himalayas no matter in which country you find yourself is a journey of discovery, delving into ancient mountain cultures encountering people so hardy you cannot help but admire. Are you up to the challenge?