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Riding through tea plantations

Road to Lipton Seat in the middle of the tea plantation

Riding through the tea plantations is an amazing experience. Sometimes the roads can be bumpy with very close hairpins, but the scenery that you take in is unparalleled.

2023 Calendar + Special Promotion [valid until 31/08/2022]

It has been a while since Extreme Bike Tours really hit the road.  Riding on the Edge of the World has been on hold for many and you have seen what can happen to your freedom to travel.  So let’s get moving and tick some of those boxes.  NOW is the time to set yourself […]

Sri Lanka, Mongolia & Win a Tour for 2: here’s what’s happening.

Important updates about what’s happening in Sri Lanka, the upcoming tour “Steppe into the Gobi” and the REVnTRAVEL Contest (Win a tour of Sri Lanka for 2). Sri Lanka’s current status. As you have probably heard in the news, Sri Lanka is going through an economic crisis. Covid-19 and before that the “Eastern Attacks”  halted […]

2021: We were waiting to see if it was going to get more weird

Wow! 2020, what a year! The world has really gone nuts, but luckily we made it to 2021 and as you may have noticed from the title, at EBT we like to be positive… Jokes aside, we ARE positive. While the world fights the major battle against Corona – the virus and not the beer […]

Riding through monsoons… and getting out alive

How to survive the infamous monsoon No need to panic. A monsoon is not as scary as the title make it sound. However, whether you are going to ride in Sri Lanka or at early planning stage, you definitely want to know about the weather on the island and especially about the monsoons. In fact, […]

Insurance Matters

Extreme Bike Tours ‘Terms & Conditions‘ state that it is mandatory to have an insurance to join a motorcycle tour (point “3.4 Insurance”). Here’s is the extract: “It is mandatory to have a comprehensive insurance policy cover for your tour. The following should be covered by your insurance policy travel, trip cancellation, medical expenses, personal […]