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Covid-19 update & 2021 Tours (Ep.2)

The recent news from the scientific community have brought a wave of optimism concerning the global pandemic and the year to come. Two of the major pharmaceutical players, Pfizer and..

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Covid-19 & 2021 Tours

We are all disappointed with 2020, especially all of us who love traveling and riding but perhaps next year will be a bit more lenient and will allow us to..

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Riding through monsoons… and getting out alive

How to survive the infamous monsoon No need to panic. A monsoon is not as scary as the title make it sound. However, whether you are going to ride in..

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Insurance Matters

Extreme Bike Tours ‘Terms & Conditions‘ state that it is mandatory to have an insurance to join a motorcycle tour (point “3.4 Insurance”). Here’s is the extract: “It is mandatory..

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What happens to my deposit if….

Unpredictable events, tour cancellation, security deposits & refunds Unfortunately this year we are witnessing the spread of the Coronavirus. Quite rightly, some of our customers raised a few concerns and..

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Bhutan: A few important points to consider

As we regularly receive questions regarding the nature of our Bhutan motorcycle tour and what differs from the motorcycle adventures offered by other tour operators, we decided to put together..

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