The recent news from the scientific community have brought a wave of optimism concerning the global pandemic and the year to come.

Two of the major pharmaceutical players, Pfizer and Moderna have announced that the vaccine development is at final testing stages, having collected promising results so far.

We are all looking forward to moving on to the next year and hoping for a swift return to some sort of normality. 

However, as we are getting closer to the first tours of 2021 and given the short period of time left, we have decided to postpone the following tours:

As of now we are not able to anticipate what will happen in the next 3-4 months though the only certainty is that it will take a bit more time before traveling will be allowed for most of the countries in the world.

Here is a recap of our tour destinations.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is our base so we are able to reschedule the tour anytime the country re-opens its airports to tourism. The government is currently focusing on containing the latest cluster while organizing repatriation of Sri Lankan citizens stranded around the world. 

The limited number of quarantine centers on the island is a key factor to the slow progress although there has been talks among the country’s decision makers about a strategy to re-open the country. So far however no official plans have been confirmed.

Myanmar & Bhutan

Our objective is to reschedule Myanmar and Bhutan in the second half of 2021, around September/October. We are at the beginning of planning stages so we don’t yet have all the details. Stay tuned!

Himalaya & Rajasthan

Both tours are scheduled for the second half of the year, July and November. With over 9 million cases, India is one of the most affected countries in the world and hasn’t reached its peak yet. In fact the curve has been having a regular uptrend from when the emergency started over 240 days ago.


We have received information from our team in Tibet that despite having almost no cases at all, Tibet keeps its borders closed to avoid the virus sneaking in and spreading. A firm policy which leads us to think that Tibet will most likely re-open its borders only when the situation is under control on a global scale. In any case the tour is scheduled for September 2021. There is still plenty of time.


Mongolia is also applying a very strict ban on the entry of foreigners despite having a really low number of recorded cases of Covid-19. 

Meantime our team in Mongolia is back at work. They have been working on all the last details of our new tour “Steppe into the Gobi” and getting ready for when we will be able to fly in. 

The main tour “On the Trails of Chingghis Khan” is scheduled for August so we really hope that by then we will be able to travel.

That’s all for today. For any questions feel free to leave a comment below or write to us.

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